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Make training your team easy

keep running smoothly

Keep your admin info in one place

How would you like all your office basics written down in an easy to read format that has your company branding and is easy to update as your business changes?

  • Is a key employee about to leave and you have no idea how they do their job?
  • Is your business growing really quickly and you are worried things are getting missed?
  • Is one of your staff on holiday and no one can find the stuff they take care of?
Keep your important admin info handy with your Office Manual

Making sure your office runs smoothly is crucial when you’re inducting new staff, managing budgets, and above all, trying to help your team work more efficiently.

Simple things like knowing who to call when the internet goes down, which courier company you use or where the keys to the store cupboard are kept will make a huge difference to your productivity and your bottom line.

The Office Manual is a simple system that lets you collect all this important admin information in one easy-to-access folder.

Keep running smoothly even with key staff are away

More often than not, a great office is reliant on one or two fantastic admin staff members who keep things ship-shape.

But what happens when they’re on leave, or have to go home sick?

 The Office Manual means they won’t take this important information with them – it’ll be right there in black and white.

Induct new staff more simply and easily

Settling new staff members in can really slow down your productivity. Learning small things like how to set up their email, or where the tea and coffee is kept means your new team member will take a while to start performing at top speed. It also means they’re interrupting their team-mates to ask questions.

With the Office Manual you’ll have all this information in one place, making induction simple and easy.

Your new team member will be able to settle in and become a productive part of your business faster – which is better for everyone!

Get more out of your Virtual Assistants and Temporary Staff

When you’re paying temps, you don’t want to see them twiddling their thumbs because no one has the time or the know-how to show them the ropes. Simply hand them your Kiffin Administration Manual and they’ll be up to speed in no time – it means you’ll get more out of them faster!

Prepare to exit your business

Having a well-documented office will make it easier to sell and transition from your business as you gear up for sale. Your business broker will thank you !

“This manual prompted me to pull together all the information I needed for how we run the office. Now it is all in one document and easy to access. I was surprised at how quick is was to fill in “
Sarah Burrows, Sarah Burrows Design

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