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Business Mentor to action taker women growing a business raising a family.

HOW we choose our word of the year

Introduction to us Fiona Hall – Business Mentor and Learning & Development strategist / consultant Kiffin Irina Petricheva – owner of Notes to Self stationery boutique and a passionate supporter of journaling. Why choose a word? The concept of choosing one word for the year immerged a few years back. Unfortuntely we don’t know who [...]

HOW TO complete that ONLINE course you bought

HOW TO complete that ONLINE course you bought and didn't complete. Bought an online course and not completed it ? You are not alone. From conversations I have had with friends and collegues, it is a fairly common thing. It is OK ! Your journey to NOT completing your online course may have started like [...]

Lessons from a Recovered Overcommitter PART TWO

Part two in the series where I talk about the things that have made business easier for me. Worklife balance is up in one area and down in others and that is ok. Join me in a series of articles as I weed out the key things that have turned my life and business around [...]

Lessons from a Recovered Overcommitter

Overwhelm to Organised ( mostly ) Join me in a series of articles as I weed out the key things that have turned my life and business around over the past 4 years from being an overcommitter. 1) Saying YES when you should really say NO As a business owner and a mum do [...]

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NEW In Person EVENT – Masterclass 31st October

Listen in to hear how Myself , Fiona Clark, Natalie Tolhopf andf Pauline Stockhausen are going to help a select group of 20 women - one of them could be you… Need a payment option? Two payments of $350 +gst CLICK HERE NATALIE TOLHOPF will kick the day [...]

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Asking for HELP – the ultimate life hack

NOT ASKING for HELP... Been a lone wolf who thought that a strong person ( business owner) soliders on and doesn't ask for help? Equated "Asking for help" with showing your underbelly - a sign of weakness where you are open for attack? A Victim with no hope ? Growing up were you taught that [...]

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Outsourcing Conundrum

Preparing to outsource can be scary and exciting – kind of like riding a rollercoaster. If you, like me, have a touch of the control freak in you, the thought of letting go is nail biting stuff. FEAR jumps up to stop you in your tracks That internal voice of yours may ask these types [...]

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How to pick the right Biz Coach PART THREE: Interview

Interviewing a Business Coach for the job Here is the final part in this Three part series on finding a business coach. Once you have your short-list then it is time to interview the business coaches for the job. Questions to ask your potential business coach 1.    How will you assess my needs? 2.   [...]

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