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Kimberly says  “Wow! What a blast interviewing powerhouse and system extraordinaire Fiona Hall. Fi is the goddess of planning and systems, especially for getting your small business in shape before you ramp up to the next level.

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Cos we all know the only way to make serious money is to leverage ourselves smartly. And we can’t do this without strong systems supporting us.

In fact, it’s only through the discipline of such structure and systems we get the freedom to create our businesses in the way we want.

Which, as we know being the mom entrepreneurs we are (super awesome but time poor) is a good thing –we want to make more money but we also need it to easier on us.”


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Natalie Cutler Welsh says

“What ‘style’ of mothering sounds more like you? Nagging the kids to do things (like put on their shoes and make their bed) or rush around doing it yourself (because it’s ‘easier’) ? I’m a bit of both. I definitely tend to just do it myself because I perceive it as easier but I know it’s not smart or sustainable. Then, after a while and especially when the house is super-messy, I tend to get a bit naggy and get cross that the kids’ aren’t ‘pulling their weight’. Hmmmm Sound familiar?

Fortunately I recently met Fiona Hall from Household Tamer. And although it’s a process, I’m determined to approach things a bit differently so that my kids get more involved and empowered and I’m not quite so exhausted and occasionally resentful. Anyone else keen to learn how to get your kids to help with the chores?

“Kids know what they need to do to get ready in the morning…They’ve just got so used to us telling them what to do or doing it for them” – Fiona Hall

Tips for Getting Kids to Help with the Chores

  • Get them to tell YOU what they need to do
  • Make a list or planner with them and post it on their wall (in their space) *Fiona sells this as a template
  • Have consequences (using their own currency *removing toys, books etc).
  • A place for everything and everything in it’s place
  • Language “where are you up to on your checklist?”
  • Put some music on to lift the mood
  • Work hard, play hard
  • Walk the Talk

Are you good at getting your kids to help with the chores?

Fiona is also very passionate about looking after yourself in order to give your best to the kids. I agree in theory, but I still find it hard to do.  Check out her  facebook tips for more tips on getting your kids to help with the chores and on how to ditch the Mum guilt.

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Natalie Cutler Welsh says “Today we’re talking with Fiona Hall from Kiffin about Planning your time & creating a plan to allow you to grow and thrive as a women, mum and income earner.”


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