Fiona Hall Business Mentor.

“I help business owners get themselves sorted!”

And by sorted, I mean systems, processes, structures and strategies for business success. That means working together to streamline how you do business, find new sales opportunities, train a growing team, prepare your business for sale, develop training material to for your team and finding ways to remove those bottlenecks that keep you from moving forward.

I am a business mentor who has a degree in education and organisational studies, and qualified as a Lotus Notes systems administrator.

My experience ranges from training development, document design in word & powerpoint , software user interfaces to face to face retail sales, recruitment, merchandising, production and management… so I know a lot of ‘HOW TOs’ in a number of essential business areas… but that’s not all…

What I’ve learned over many years, is that most business owners have the ‘how’ they do business locked away in their heads. What I do is help owners just like you, easily and efficiently download that ‘head space’ into a format we can see (in black and white), review and refine.

I don’t just ask intelligent questions; I think strategically about your answers and draw on all my expertise to fast track you to best-in-class, practical efficiencies that take the heavy lifting out of doing business for you.

My clients are intelligent business owners with a growing business  and team ( often raising a family)who are lacking either the time or skills to do what they want to get done. Together with my skills in information architecture design, software training, user-needs analysis, project management and my network of experts – we can get the job done.

With my help, you can focus on what you’re best at and see your business thrive.

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“Having Fiona come and help me in my business on a weekly basis is something that I look forward to immensely. When you are working in your business yourself it is very difficult sometimes to see the wood from the trees. Each week Fiona asks what my most pressing to do item is and then she sits with me and helps me take action on that task.

I love it because I not only have someone to problem solve with but we actually take action and by the time our session is finished I have ticked off several things on my to do list… and not made it longer! Thanks Fiona you are invaluable.” SallyFienerman ( Owner)

Sally Fienerman, Fitness Fix
” It’s only thanks to Fiona taking the time to get to know my business and the talent she has in asking the right questions and seeing the opportunities that I’m too close to see, that we’ve identified this. Fiona listens. She thinks strategy and she has a gift of leading me to where I actually think the ideas are all mine (on reflection, they are not!).If you’re looking for someone to help you find ways to systemise your business, put together a strategy that works for you and delivers results, I couldn’t recommend Fiona enough. She cares, she’s easy to talk to and, she listens. Working with Fiona has helped me to make changes to improve how we work, how we deliver and what we deliver. Sometimes you need someone outside of your business to shine the light on what you can’t see. Fiona has that torch!”Justine
Justine Parsons, Your VA
Pauline was ready to create a new program and had lots of content. So the “Brainstorm your program” was right for her.
After 2 skype calls she received a Word document with her program all set up using her branding, colours, logo and fonts ready for her to add in the final details.

” I love it , you basically grabbed my thoughts and systematically mapped it out into bite size chunks”

Pauline Stockhausen
Thrilled to endorse Fiona- who was a delight to work with. Fiona was engaged to assist in the revamping and redevelopment of our H& S manual template and editing the formatting and content. Her attention to detail and creativity were a real asset during this project.
Michelle Cooper, Humes Pipelines